What Apple should release…

Apple is one of the largest tech company in the world. With a great capital and huge profits, there’s no doubt they’ll continue to expand.

Let’s just have a look on what could appear anytime soon, and what should be the next one:

We can expect lots of updates of the current software line: iLife, iWork, perhaps also the Pro soft such Logic Studio and Final Cut Studio. There’s no doubt, all efforts put in ergonomics and GUI interface lately with the iPad and iPhone will benefit to the desktop software.

We might also see some new stuff to include FaceTime to iChat, new address book or iCal on the next version of OS X.

However, one crucial software is still missing… So let’s have a look on the current line:

We do have iPhoto for Beginner in one hand and Aperture 3 for the Pros in the other hand. With a perfect transition to learn people to start with iPhoto and update to Aperture 3. (a full library sharing would be appreciate thought).

Regarding videos, it’s pretty much the same setup with iMovie for Beginners and Final Cut Studio for Pros. There’s even an intermediate level to make the transition from iMovie to the $999 pack even smoother.

Another domain? After the photo and video, we obviously have music. In this domain, once again Apple is dominating the consumer market with Garage Band for Beginners. The pro market is more shared, but Apple is proposing a really good and complete package with Logic Studio and an interesting $499 price.

Any consumer markets are dominate by Apple. (there’s no real good and competitive alternative to iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band…). Microsoft Movie Maker and other crap software are really not in the same league.

And Apple can still improve them… I wish iMovie will handle, organize, manage all my videos… I hate that my iPhone videos are in iPhoto (it’s VIDEOS for god sakes).

In pro markets, there’s always competition: some will prefer Adobe LightRoom to Aperture; the same way some will like better Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas to Final Cut Pro, and some do like Digidesign ProTools or Steinberg Cubase to Logic Studio…

At this level, it don’t really matter… now. And that’s simple… If you dominate the mass market, the consumer market, you will ‘drive’ customer to stay with your products (to not learn again a new software)… Then you will grab more and more Pro market shares… That’s exactly what happen to Logic Studio right now. Lot’s of Garage Band users did switch to Logic Studio.

But, there’s one domain where Apple does have a consumer version only, without Pro option: Graphics and Web with iWeb

What does Apple propose for Pro?? Nothing else to recommend to buy the Adobe CS5 which is the direct concurrent and includes (on the Master package): Adobe LightRoom, Audition, Premiere and PhotoShop… All concurrent of the other domains (photo, video and music).

That’s why Apple needs to come with their own “Design Suite” for Graphics and Publication…

I said Publication because Apple is more than involved in the HTML5 for Web. But the HTML5 could also be used for other kind of publication such: CD cover, iTunes LP, eBook and so on…

Unfortunately, iWeb seems a little bit limited once you try to have something more involved than beginner webpage, probably the same way iMovie looks limited when you want to do some serious HD movies. They are real good appetizers, but also allow for a non-professional to have something easy to understand and use for personal or Family Projects.

However, I wish I could spend a $199-299 for an Express version and a $499-999 for a complete Graphic Suite (that would compete to Adobe CS5) and allows me to create graphic content, put them together and publish them (to MobileMe or even submit some to iTunes store & iBookstore directly).

It would give all tools to create HTML5 contents. A Pro version to Design Graphics, Animations, Publication and publish them directly… What a competition to Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc…

By having this Graphic Suite, Apple would definitely go face to face with Adobe, but will assure to cover any aspects of Music, Photo, Video, Design and Publication… as well as Distribution with iTunes Store, iBookstore and MobileMe.

On top of office stuff such iWork, Apple will guarantee to grow up and grab more and more Pro Market Shares… By including Mass Market (Beginners) software on any Mac.

Financially, it’ll be a good opportunities to have another $499-999 per Pro and Apple Fanboy. It will be a part of money that won’t go in Adobe’s pocket. When a customer will use iLife, will be used to iWeb and iDesign (name it as you wish), this user won’t find a reason to spend $2500 on an Adobe Master CS5, when it could spend it on Logic Studio, Aperture 3, Final Cut Studio and the Graphic Suite.

The fidelity to Apple won’t be only because of the brand… It will be due to the learning curve and the easy way to switch from iWeb and iDesign to the high end Pro Graphic Suite.

For having done myself a switch from iPhoto to Aperture 3 lately, I can say there’s nothing more simple… Almost the same menus, same buttons… But just more complete with the features we actually miss/wish.

Come on Apple, it’s time to slap Adobe with the WarHammer. I never liked Adobe GUI and horrible workflow. (way too much PC like). This would make my point and give me the tools I need.



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